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Frequently Requested Translation Languages


Fast Translation offers an extensive range of translation and localization services across key European, Asian, Middle Eastern, African, and American languages, proficiently covering over 20 languages. We routinely perform translations both to and from the languages highlighted below.






Individual Services

Every business and individual has unique needs. Recognizing this, we offer an extensive range of language combinations to suit diverse requirements. Our aim is to ensure your message traverses linguistic barriers with unparalleled accuracy and fluency.

A mere typo can tarnish the impression of a well-crafted document. Our proofreading services dive deep into your content, ensuring it’s free from errors, inconsistencies, and grammatical mistakes. By refining your documents, we enhance their quality, making them shine in their best light.

From corporate documents to creative pieces, our comprehensive translation services have you covered. Our dedication to accuracy, cultural sensitivity, and linguistic excellence guarantees that every project we handle speaks volumes of our commitment and expertise.

Audio content is powerful, but it’s not universally accessible. Our transcription services convert audio materials into written form, making them more accessible and easier to share, reference, and analyze. Whether it’s a business meeting or a podcast episode, we ensure your content reaches a wider audience.

Corporate Services

Our tailored business solutions are designed to cater to the specific needs of various industries, including retail, marketing, and education. Recognizing the diverse challenges and requirements each sector presents, we offer a wide array of translation services. Whether it’s a product description, a marketing campaign, or an academic journal, our dedicated team ensures your content speaks the language of your audience with precision and relevance.

Gone are the days when SEO was solely an English-based endeavor. With our specialized SEO translation services, we aim to enhance your online visibility across various regions. We not only translate content but optimize it to rank well across different language search engines, ensuring your global audience finds you with ease.

The digital era demands a global online presence. Our website translation services focus on providing translations that are both precise and culturally attuned, guaranteeing a smooth experience for global users. By understanding cultural norms and linguistic subtleties, we help businesses connect more deeply with international audiences.

In a digital-first world, chatbots play a pivotal role in enhancing user experience. Our chatbot translation services ensure your automated assistants communicate seamlessly in multiple languages, facilitating efficient and effective interactions with users worldwide.

WordPress powers a significant portion of the web. Our specialized services seamlessly integrate your WordPress content into multiple languages, enabling you to cater to a global audience without any hassles. With us, going global with your website is as easy as a few clicks.

In today’s digital age, e-commerce businesses thrive on a global scale. Our e-commerce translation services are tailored to help online retailers connect authentically with international customers. By providing accurate and culturally attuned translations, we ensure your products and services appeal directly to the heart of every potential buyer, regardless of their linguistic background.

The global retail landscape is vast and varied. Our retail translation services are committed to helping brands navigate this terrain by ensuring their message transcends linguistic barriers. By effectively communicating the essence and value of your products, we assist in expanding your retail horizons and building a loyal global customer base.

Marketing isn’t just about promoting a product; it’s about telling a story. Our marketing translation services ensure your brand’s narrative is consistently compelling across various languages and cultures. By fine-tuning promotional content to resonate with specific target markets, we amplify the impact of your marketing campaigns.

Gaming is a universal passion, but language can sometimes be a barrier. Our video game translation services focus on localizing content to ensure it remains engaging, immersive, and enjoyable for players worldwide. By embracing cultural nuances and in-game contexts, we guarantee a globally unified gaming experience.

Education has the power to change lives, and language shouldn’t limit this potential. Our education sector translation services are dedicated to translating a myriad of educational materials. From textbooks to e-learning platforms, we facilitate global learning, allowing institutions to cater to an expansive, diverse international student community.

In the globalized business world, effective communication is key. Our business communication translations pave the way for robust international collaborations and partnerships. Whether it’s an email, a contract, or a presentation, our services ensure clarity, fostering seamless interactions and fruitful global business ventures.

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Standard Translation

Ideal for those seeking translation of everyday and media-based content. This category caters to items like casual surveys, questionnaires, personal emails, handwritten correspondences, news pieces, and similar materials.
£ 0.09
/per word
Starting from 2-3 hours for shorter materials.
General Translation: Converting day-to-day language and general topics.
Informational Documents: Translating brochures, flyers, informative articles, and guides.
Internal Use: Suitable for inter-office communication, internal reports, memos, and similar.

Advanced Translation

Specially tailored for intricate domains including but not limited to financial, legal, medical, technological, and scientific sectors. It also encompasses website localization to cater to a global audience with precision.
£ 0.12
/per word
Starts at 5-6 hours, given the complexity.
Technical Translation: Converting user manuals, technical sheets, engineering documents, and more.
Financial Translation: Covering annual reports, statements, investment portfolios, and financial contracts.
Medical Translation: Encompassing clinical documents, patient records, medical articles, and research.
Legal Translation: Serving legal contracts, agreements, court documents, and other legal formalities.

Premium Literary Services

Our exclusive offering for the literary realm, accommodating translations of books and eBooks spanning diverse genres - from scripts, fiction, non-fiction, poetic expressions to other specialized literary pieces, ensuring they resonate with readers across languages.
£ 0.15
/per word
Begins at 7-8 hours for shorter literary pieces.
Book Translation: From novels to short stories, ensuring narrative and tone remain intact.
eBook Translation: Adapting digital books for global readerships.
Poetry and Literary Art: Delicately translating the nuances of poems, verses, and artistic writings.
Scripts: For plays, movies, or other performances, keeping dialogues lively and culturally relevant.

Additional Language Options

We cater to a vast linguistic spectrum. If the language you're seeking isn't listed, do reach out! Simply complete our "Contact Us" form, and we'll gladly assist with your specific needs. Additional Services: Contact our support team, response time averages 1-2 hours.

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